Use of Funds

Use of Funds

Use of funds

Funds will enable us to shoot interviews, acquire images and edit the documentary. They will also permit important audio post production and picture grading, which is imperative when mixing footage from varying sources that will include archival footage. 

Funds at 70%

The 70% of funds crowd funder scenario will probably mean that we will utilise less archival footage than we might otherwise factor in when we reach our ‘actual’ goal. I might add that if we do exceed our goal, which is also possible, then we can potentially license-in even more archival footage and some more key songs.

Hurdles & Hopes

We hope to deliver an enticing insight in to 300 years of this great street as told by those who witnessed everything first hand across the decades. 12 key voices will drive the narrative forward.

NB: Because we are making a feature length documentary for a minuscule budget, any additional expenditure will be an unnecessary cost to the production: i.e. Postage & Packing when we mail out your rewards.

London donators will have to attend our special Tin Pan Alley gigs in London where you can pick up your reward bundles without incurring Postage and Packaging costs. Any UK resident can attend these gigs to avoid P and P costs. Otherwise we simply cannot afford to weather such expenditure. If you live outside of London or abroad you will need to pay us upfront for any Postage and Packaging thus keeping our production budget for making the film, only. If you reside overseas or outside London we will add the cost of Postage & Packing upfront, which you will have to add to the donation. Please take this the P & P cost into account - £10 (Ten GBP) within the UK and £20 (Twenty GBP) within the EU and US territories. P & P tbc outside of these areas.

The already tight budget is about 12% of an average ITV South Bank Show. Most of archive based music documentaries that I have professionally worked on averaged at the high end around £200,000 per programme hour, subject to the licensing of third party properties (footage and songs).

Crowdfunding versus a TV Commission

Seeking documentary commissions in conjunction major production companies and TV stations can become a quagmire of executives, commissioners and third party interference, leading to a lengthy and seemingly never ending process of compromised development that might actually go nowhere after having spent many months or even years of pre-planning.

At best I am reminded of a film called The Big Picture (1989) made by Christopher Guest of This Is Spinal Tapfame, which satirised young aspirant film school graduates. One character in The Big Picture wanted to make a ‘serious’ black-and-white ‘Art House Movie’ that would be reminiscent of an Ingmar Bergman love story fused with elements of Woody Allen's Interiors. In the end the film school graduate got to make his Hollywood funded movie, which was so compromised that it eventually became a Porky's styled teen comedy!

Sadly, commissioned documentary film making can be hugely compromised if you are not very careful. Hence the preferable crowdfunding production route that we are taking here through

Large investor donations are most welcome as the more we get the BIGGER the picture.

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